First Multiplier event in Hungary

Location : Gödöllő, Hungary
Host Partner- ITStudy
Mediators : Levente Kovács, László Jánosi 
Date : 25.09.2019

Farming 4.0 is a project with main goal to achieve more successful adoption of specifically developed ICTs for agriculture, thus contributing for the development of the agriculture sector and the rural areas. With special attention put on the farmers as main target group of the project (other target groups of the project are high school students, professors and advisors) this Multiplier event had the purpose to introduce the project with its main objectives and intellectual outputs.

This multiplier event was held by the partner iTStudy Hungary Ltd. Two types of participants were part of this multiplier event: internal and external. Stakeholders like teachers of agricultural and horticultural vocational institutes, entrepreneurs in agriculture, officials of agriculture and education on ministerial level, representatives of farmer’s organizations. There was a total of 27 participants, with all of whom having a professional attitude and knowledge of the topic. Most of the audience attended the multiplier event declared themselves representing different positions in the agriculture sector. Most of the participants were teachers of agriculture while some were private entrepreneurs related to farming and agriculture and 5 of the participants represented local farming organizations and agricultural and educational governmental offices.

During this multiplier event that was held in a rural town in Gödöllő, which is regarded as an agricultural centre by tradition, and is a home to one of the largest universities in Hungary with a famous faculty of agriculture, many professionals related to agriculture and training were interested in. Dr. Levente Kovács and Dr. László Jánosi  presented data collection and mapping as well as gave a proper introduction of the trend Agriculture 4.0 and how to keep up with that trend.

They welcomed the goals of the project and made some really useful comments and suggestions for the further development of the teaching material. They all agreed that agriculture should keep pace with the fast growing digitalization in industry and that people working in agriculture should be prepared for this challenge. They also emphasized the differences in the development of the different regions in Hungary regarding machinery and digital skills of professionals working in agriculture that must be taken into account here.

For the purpose of evaluating this multiplier event ITStudy developed evaluation forms/questionnaires. These questionnaires were distributed to the participants in order to learn their opinions on the event, the moderators of the event, the platform and the project in its entirety.

According to the evaluation forms, the participants were very satisfied with the presented material as well as the way the moderators presented the project. Please check results on the table below:

 Questions 1 2 3 4 5 Total
How they were satisfied with the scene of the event and its conditions? 0 0 0 21 06 27
How they would evaluate the level of preliminary information? 0 0 4 20 03 27
How would they evaluate the value of the information gained at the event? 0 0 4 20 03 27
Whether they could get the answers to their questions emerged? 0 2 12 12 01 27
How would you rate the event in general? 0 0 0 6 21 27

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