Closing Multiplier event

Location : Online (MsTeams)
Host Partner- AgFutura Technologies
Mediators : Blagoja Mukanov, Nadica Angjusheva, Mario Petkovski
Date : 08.07.2021, 13.07.2021, 14.07.2021

Farming 4.0 is a project with main goal to achieve more successful adoption of specifically developed ICTs for agriculture, thus contributing for the development of the agriculture sector and the rural areas. With special attention put on the farmers as main target group of the project (other target groups of the project are high school students, professors and advisors) this Multiplier event had the purpose to introduce the project with its main objectives and intellectual outputs.

This multiplier event was held online due to restrictions that rise from the Covid-19 pandemic. The partner AgFutura Technologies organized the event in three rounds divided in three days. On the first day (08.07.2021), there was participation from representatives by the Macedonian Association of Agriculture from North Macedonia. The second and third day 15 participants had the opportunity to learn more about the project and its results. From the 15 participants, there were farmers from the different regions in Republic of North Macedonia, academics (experts), 1 representative from the Ministry of Agriculture and representatives from the partner AgFutura.

The team at AgFutura presented the following Intellectual Outputs on this Multiplier event:

  1. Focused Needs Analysis
  2. E-collaboration platform for ICT for VET in agriculture
  3. Curriculum for ICT knowledge and skills for VET in agriculture
  4. Guidelines for integration of curriculum
  5. Handbook for improving ICTs knowledge and skills for VET in agriculture

In the three rounds of the multiplier event the partner followed the same agenda. First, there was presentation of the main aims and target groups of the project. After initial introduction of the project, AgFutura presented the final intellectual output of the project which was the Handbook for improving ICTs knowledge and skills for VET in agriculture. This output was developed from the partner WRLS and translated to TR and MK.

After presentation of the last intellectual output the project manager in AgFutura – Ms Nadica Angjusheva presented the E-collaboration platform for ICT for VET in agriculture. This was one of the most important outputs of the project because represents an open platform for usage by professors, experts and progressive farmers. All functionalities and aims of the platform were presented along with user experience results.

The remaining intellectual outputs were also presented to the participants. These ouputs represent the analysis of the situation and usage of ICT in Turkey, the developed curriculum that can be used and the specific guidelines for integration of the developed curriculum.

After presentation of the intellectual outputs, there were two slots of the agenda reserved for two discussions and Q&A among the participants.

On these debates, several conclusions are noted:

  • All participants agree that there is not enough knowledge and presentation of usage of this kind of platform in schools or general by experts.
  • All participants expressed that there is not enough revenue to acquire different type of digital equipment for work or teaching.
  • All participants agree that the platform is functional and that they would like to use it in the future to learn more about ICTs and new digital technologies.
  • All participants expressed a significant need for a training center, especially for farmers. The farmer want to learn more about these new digital technologies practically.

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