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Output Aim

Through this e-learning platform, all created documents that are results of this project (curriculum, written reports, forum discussions, e-book, videos etc.) will be shared for the public use. The back-end of the platform will be created and used for efficient sharing of all relevant documents for management, monitoring and evaluation of the execution of the project activities. Through this component, all partners will have a convenient access to all relevant resources for the project, during the project and after the project duration. Through the e-collaboration platform the project team will create a tool that can be used for this area of activities, after the completion of the project.

Activities for delivering this output

Analyses of different existing e-platforms and UX design – A research was made analysing different e -learning platform and information architecture, important for our users that will be using this e-collaboration platform

Web development – Development of the platform dependent on the needs of the users with accent on simpler and easier usage, that will be understandable for all users. The e-learning platform was developed on Moodle, an open source learning platform, compatible with all project related requests.

Content creation – This activity represents a continues creation of project related materials in different formats.

Link to Farming 4.0 E-collaboration platform : Digi Farming
All documents are free and available for the public.
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