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Output Aim

The purpose of the Focused Needs Analyses is to identify the specific needs of the target audience in the project (high-school students, farmers, advisors and teachers). This activity will enable creating an crucial input information for development of the curriculum for ICT knowledge and skills in VET for agriculture.

Activities for delivering this output:

Creating questionnaire – 4 types of Questionnaires were designed for conducting survey, all specifically tailored for the target groups that were the farmers, advisers, high school students and teachers/trainers

Conducting field survey and in-depth-interview – Field survey and in-depth interviews were the methods used for conducting the questionnaires for the specific target groups. The field survey was performed with 320 farmers in Bayramiç, Lapseki Biga, Yenice and Çanakkale  where fruit production is very intense and animal husbandry is made in a qualified way, and high school students and the in-depth interview were performed with teachers and advisers, in Turkey. Initially, it was decided to carry out the questionnaires over the phone. This, however, did not work in all regions. The questionnaire were applied to the farmers by the Faculty of Agriculture of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University and Bayramiç Agricultural Chamber and also were  given the opportunity to finish the questionnaire by email questionnaire. A total of 400 questionnaires were sent but 320 returned in printed. Also completed 13 completed phone questionnaires, and 30 completed questionnaires by email. As a result, we have received 363 responses to 400 farmers’ surveys that we send in different ways, and the ratings of the responses are as follows.

Creating database and analysis of dataThe data from the surveys and the in-depth interviews was thoroughly analyzed and imported in excel databases for the purpose of creating needs profile of the target audience in the project.

Focused Needs Analysis report – After the initial analysis of all questionnaires the project partners developed an analysis report for the specific needs for ICTs knowledge and skills of farmers, teachers, high school students and advisers.

Questionnaire samples and focused needs analysis report can be seen and downloaded below:

Farmer Questionnaire

Students Questionnaire

Teacher Questionnaire

Advisor Questionnaire

Focused Needs Analysis Report