Guideline for integration of the curriculum 2019-08-08T13:09:11+00:00

Output Aim

The guidelines has the purpose to examine all factors that are crucial for the successful implementation of curriculum, materials and tools. This guide will describe the training program, its contents, educational materials and tools, as well as, the training methodology.

A series of strategic seminars will be implemented in each of the participating countries with the aforementioned groups. These strategic seminars will enable the partner organizations to gain further knowledge on the steps that need to be followed from the inception of a curriculum to its final integration into national VET curriculum.

Activities for delivering this output

Analysis of the current situation in terms of the existing national VET programs in ICT in agriculture – A final report will be developed with the overall analysis and overview of all countries.

Implementation of strategic seminars (multiplayer events) with experts in the field of ICT in Agriculture – The decision-makers and relevant national authorities have to develop the most effective methods and procedures for the integration or improvement of curriculum in existing national VET programs.

Development of final Guide with a set of guidelines and recommendations – The Guide will include the main steps and procedures that need to be followed in order to integrate and institutionalize the ICT in agriculture curriculum in VET training in the participating countries.