Kick-off Meeting

Location : Çanakkale, Turkey
Project Coordinator – Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Universitesi
Mediator : Prof. Dr. Kemal Celik
Date : 05-06.12.2018

Day 1

General guidelines for the project:

  • Explanation of all intellectual outputs
  • Explanation of all activities in every intellectual output
  • Definiton of activities, timeline and tasks
  • Suggestions of changes in the multiplier events

The priorities are:

  • Good analysis of the ict knowledge and skills
  • Easy to use collaboration platform
  • Easy to understand curriculum and guideline for integration of the curriculum

There are:

  • five (5) partners from five (5) members states
  • five (5) Outcomes
  • four (4) planned Meetings and twelve (12) Multiplier Events

Target countries are:

  • Turkey (TR)
  • Republic of Macedonia (MK)

Key activities to focus on early are:

  • Creating questionnaries for farmers, students and experts
  • Getting the Questionnaire and Survey started
  • Research on type of collaboration platform to use


  • What are the main needs of farmers?
  • Discussion with the association of farmers (VET) in Canakkale regarding their type of production (specific type of apples, olives, vegetable and fruit). The farmers expressed their need and want for digital technologies because at the moment there is no use of ICT in any of the farms in Canakkale, Turkey
  • Discussion about type of problems farmers are facing regarding digital technologies, type of pesticides they use.
  • Discussion about the date, activities and tasks of next partner meeting that will be held in Skopje, Macedonia.

Day 2

Questionaire discussion and desicions

During the second day the project consortium was discussing the format of the questionaire and the methods how questionaries will be conducted and processed. Questionaires for professors and experts will be in-depth questionaries for interview, whereas the questionaires for the farmer and students will be survey questionaires.

The number of questionaires per target group should be as following:

  • 1 questionaire for farmers
  • 1 questionaire for high school students
  • 1 questionaire for experts
  • 1 questionaire for professors

For the execution of the questionarie COMU will use its large network of students, professors and experts, whereas BZOB will be included in conducted the questionaries for the farmers.

Considering the fact that the number of questionaries is relatively large and the content is a new topic for the target audience it is important to emphasize that some type of training for the people who will conduct the survey will be of great importance.

The development of the moodle template for the purpose of Farming 4.0 is important to start as soon as possible because it will contribute to a successfull project management.

Next Meeting

Next partner meeting will be held in Skopje, Macedonia on 18th and 19th of June 2019.

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