Learning, teaching and training event

Location : MS teams, online platform
Host Partner- ITStudy, Hungary
Mediator : Maria Hartyani, Nadica Angjusheva (AGFT)
Date : 22-25.03.2021

This Learning, teaching and training event had the purpose to introduce the project with its main objectives and intellectual outputs, conduct the pilot for the developed curriculum and provide practical knowledge and training to all participants on the event (VET teachers and farmers).

This LTT event was held by the partner ITStudy from Hungary. On this event 44 participants had the opportunity to learn more about the project and its results. From the total of 27 participants, 4 were farmers from Turkey, 4 professors from Agricultural High schools from different cities and 1 progressive farmer in the Republic of North Macedonia (Skopje, Kumanovo, Resen and Kavadarci), 5 trainers (1 trainer from NMK, 2 from HU and 2 from CZ) and 7 partner representatives.

The LTT event was divided in 4 days, each day having a different purpose

Day 1

The project coordinator COMU represented by Prof Dr. Kemal Celik made the official introduction of the project. What are its goals, benefits and results.

After the initial introduction of the project the executive director of AGFT Blagoja Mukanov explained all intellectual outputs of the project;

E-collaboration platform for ICT for VET in agriculture was presented by the project manager of AGFT Nadica Angjusheva. Presentation contained information of the structure, features, goals and benefits of the e-collaboration platform. Curriculum for ICT knowledge and skills for VET in agriculture – presented by the project manager Nadica Angjusheva. Presentation of the draft curriculum of the project.

Our partner NITRA presented the Guideline for integration of the curriculum which is the third intellectual output of the project.

The day was finalized with a presentation of the Handbook from our partner WRLS and a round table questions between participants and experts.

Day 2

After the initial presentation of the project and its intellectual outputs, the second day was focused on knowledge transfer, training and explaining of the developed curriculum to the participants. Different trainers presented different modules of the curriculum:

  • Mario Petkovki, trainer from AGFT presented the module “What is agriculture 4.0”?
  • Michal Kepka, trainer from WRLS presented the module “Data sources”
  • Karel Jedlicka, trainer from WRLS presented the module “Digital farm management systems”
  • Jiri Kvapil, trainer from WRLS presented the module “Data integration”
  • Pavel Gnip, trainer from WRLS presented the module “Traceability systems”

Day 3

On the third day of the LTT event, two trainers from HU presented different interesting modules for the participants.

The first presentation was focused on Artificial intelligence in agriculture. By studying this module the participant will be able to:

  • determine the benefits of artificial intelligence in agriculture.
  • Understand the concept of machine learning
  • list examples of AI applications in crop production and animal husbandry.
  • understand the essence of agricultural diagnostic and decision support systems
  • generate a vision for digital farming in the future.

The presentation was given by József Dr. Lengyel, from Prompt Ltd. Hungary.

The second presentation was focused on Teaching in the 21st century – Challanges, skills, labour market needs. By studying this module the participant will be able to:

  • appreciate past and present ways of, and differences in, knowledge acquisition
  • plan innovative teaching methods to develop student skills and competences to meet the future needs of Farming 4.0
  • find and select suitable open educational resources (OERs) for one’s own subject
  • select OERs published under CC licenses
  • use, edit and publish videos and animations
  • create online concept maps and exercises
  • create motivating and effective digital content, shared on social media

The presentation was given by Téringer Anita, iTStudy Hungary, Educational and Research Centre trainer.

After the presentation of the two modules all participants were tested and evaluated. This evaluation was conducted through the e-collaboration platform Moodle using an online questionnaire were all participants gave their opinion of the curriculum, the platform and the project in general.

Day 4

The final day of the LTT event was used to conduct conclusions of the event, coordination between partners and most importantly to award certificates to all participants on the event.

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