First Multiplier event

Location : Canakkaele, Turkey
Host Partner- COMU
Mediators : Kemal Celik
Date : 15.08.2019

The announcement of the meeting was made one week ago via telephone and governmental local agricultural organization. The first multiplier event took place in Büyük Truva oteli in Çanakkale. There were 28 participants from local small companies and local farms. The participants were informed about the project, especially the current situation in the partner countries, the purpose of the project and the expectations. When we classified the participants, we found that most of them were farmers in agriculture and some of them were agricultural entrepreneurs.

The purpose of this event is to introduce the all relevant stakeholders (agricultural high schools, PPP extension agencies, policy makers, others) to introduce the results of the needs assessment analyses. Secondly, through this event we presented first public introduction of the project “Farming 4.0”. By performing this event, the participants of the event and the public will have a chance to understand the entire process and the basis for creation for curriculum as a core output of this project. Furthermore, a presentation of the curriculum has performed as well as the results from the piloting of the curriculum. One more Intellectual Output that presented on this event was the e-collaboration platform for “Farming 4.0”. The target audience had a chance to learn how to use the ecollaboration platform, how to become a user, how to use the resources of the e-collaboration platform and how to contribute for further development of the e-platform.

During the Farming 4.0 multiplier there were presented and Dr. Kemal Celik and Dr. Harun Baytekin explained the expectations of the country associated with the project. The participants asked questions and were given answers. Entrepreneurial young and middle aged agricultural faculty, Vocational High School students, agricultural engineers, governmental representatives and fruit growers paid more attention to the meeting due to the very fast developments for ICT of the developed agricultural sectors.

All participants agreed that the project provided useful information and that important information was provided in line with the needs analysis. The participants expressed their expectations for the purposes of the project, in which areas they were inadequate, and in particular their own thoughts regarding the employment of young people. It was pointed out that similar projects can be comprehended much faster especially by young people and that the state should be more prepared in this field, and that the project is very meaningful in this context.

In order to continue living in Turkey’s rural areas for agriculture it is still a very important place is so intense participation in such meetings. The general impression of the meeting is that especially young people and women need high value added information about ICT technologies in intensive agriculture. The participants stated that practical applications were more important for them than theoretical education, and that they would like to see good practice examples in the project and that this would be more beneficial for them.

The project will include a large number of these examples over time. Dr. Baytekin and Dr. Çelik, responding to the questions of the participants in the using ICT technologies on livestock and vegetable-fruit production, said that they can earn more with high value-added products. Because the most important concept that can keep the participants in rural areas is that they can earn higher income through agricultural entrepreneurship. In their thinking about the training modules, the participants emphasized the importance of using an understandable and not very scientific language, clearly introducing new marketing techniques, and a large number of good practice examples. Within the scope of innovative product production in rural areas.

The conclusion is that the participants, especially young people, need more information about ICT technologies to have quality competition conditions. In the preparation of the modules the project participating countries need to pay attention to this and demonstrate a number of good practice examples. The Farming 4.0 project Çanakkale event was pleasantly attended by an intense exchange of information, and expert speakers gave enthusiastic and satisfying answers to the questions of the participants. Particular requests from the participants were repeated especially for the repetition of such meetings. As a result, it was seen that the participants wanted a farming profession that provided higher income, they needed high value added products and they wanted to be informed about this issue intensively. Particularly, the participants pointed out that the state’s policies to support young agricultural entrepreneurs should be continued and among the outputs of the project, they wanted to see examples of high value added product production and good practice in a simple language.

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