First Multiplier event in Czech Republic

Location : Prague, Czech Republic
Host Partner- WirelessInfo
Mediators : Zbynek Krivanek, Jan Jarolimek
Date : 27.01.2020

Farming 4.0 is a project with main goal to achieve more successful adoption of specifically developed ICTs for agriculture, thus contributing for the development of the agriculture sector and the rural areas. With special attention put on the farmers as main target group of the project (other target groups of the project are high school students, professors and advisors) this Multiplier event had the purpose to introduce the project with its main objectives and intellectual outputs.

This multiplier event was held by the Czech partner WIRELESSINFO at Faculty of Economics and Management at Czech University of Agriculture Prague, Czech Republic. A subheading of the event was Practical implementation of Agriculture 4.0 and two parts were included – 1. General information about the project, 2. Importance and influence ICT in agriculture in the Czech Republic. An agenda included:

  • Presentation of the project Farming 4.0
  • Presentation of the first Intellectual Output
  • Presentation of the e-collaboration platform
  • Introducing the curriculum for the project
  • How use spatial data for precision agriculture
  • How to create own application map
  • Optimal tracking on fields
  • Strip cultivation experience
  • AgroNode and SensLog – collecting and processing of sensor data
  • Meteoblue – Agro Meteorological Services
  • Meteoblue – use services for comparation of climatic changes in European regions
  • Meteoblue – Integration of meteoblue services with PA services
  • Discussion

According to the evaluation forms, the participants were very satisfied with the presented material as well as the way the moderators presented the project. Please check results on the list below:

  • How was the event organized according to you? (place, agenda, organization, food)
    • Average: 4.43478
  • How useful will be the information presented to you at the event?
    • Average: 4.56522
  • How would the moderator and the presenters rate the event?
    • Average: 4.47826
  • Did you feel comfortable and relaxed in participating in the discussion and asking questions?
    • Average: 4.30435
  • How would you rate the event in general?
    • Average: 4.47826

Results of the multiplier event and project were also mentioned during workshop Big and Open Data and Innovation Hubs in Agriculture, Traffic and rural regions on 30. 1. 2020.

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