First Multiplier event in Slovakia

Location : Nitra, Slovakia
Host Partner- Agroinstitut Nitra
Mediators : Peter Vnucko
Date : 11.10.2019

Farming 4.0 is a project with main goal to achieve more successful adoption of specifically developed ICTs for agriculture, thus contributing for the development of the agriculture sector and the rural areas. With special attention put on the farmers as main target group of the project (other target groups of the project are high school students, professors and advisors) this Multiplier event had the purpose to introduce the project with its main objectives and intellectual outputs.

This multiplier event was held by the partner Agroinstitut Nitra in Republic of Slovakia. During the Multiplier event, the participants received relevant information about the Farming 4.0 project and specifically about the Intellectual Outputs 1, 2 and 3: Focused Needs Analysis, e- Collaboration Platform and planned Curriculum.

The main aims of this multiplier event were:

  1. Introduction of the project Farming 4.0
  2. Presentation of the 1st , 2nd and 3rd Intellectual Output of Farming 4.0 project
  3. Discussion on the importance and influence of ICT in agriculture in Slovakia

The event had the following program:

  1. Presentation of the partner organization: Agroinstitut Nitra
  2. Presentation of the general objectives and main Intellectual Outputs of project Farming 4.0
  3. Specific presentation of following Intellectual Outputs:
    • Intellectual Output 1: Focused Needs Analysis
    • Intellectual Output 2: e-Collaboration Platform
    • Intellectual Output 3: planned Curriculum for the project

At the end of the multiplier event, the team at Nitra conducted a discussion on the importance and influence of ICT in agriculture in Slovakia. The  potential of the use of ICT in this sector is very high in many different  areas-soil, plant protection, harvesting, storage etc. All the participants agreed that if a company does not want to be a step behind the competition and information progress as well, the company must react flexibly to changes in the IT market. Moreover, the changes in the information and communication technologies are very dynamic, so new information and knowledge in the sector need to be constantly updated.

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Next multiplier event for the partner Agroinstitut Nitra will be held in Nitra, Slovakia in September 2020.